Prerequisites when planning your bathroom

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A key component of the house, the bathroom is a space dedicated to relaxation and well-being which should not be neglected. What are the fundamental elements which this room needs? How to accommodate it with care? We tell you everything.

Equipping your bathroom as it deserves

Every day, we spend about 15 to 30 minutes in the bathroom. Needless to say how important it is to properly accommodate the room. It will help in starting the day on the right foot and ending it smoothly. Here are some prerequisites to consider so as to make the right choices.

The flooring: In a general manner, you will need a waterproof, moisture-proof, and slip-resistant material in the humid environment of your bathroom. There are a variety of alternatives such as cement flooring, tiles, wood, PVC, vinyl...

The walls: How about the wall design of your bathroom? In addition to a mirror which gives the room a spacious outlook, opt for waxed concrete for a contemporary look or for mosaic so as to bring a touch of fantasy. Do you want to revamp quickly and cost-effectively? Simply repaint your tiles!

The shower: It is undoubtedly the main component of the room. There are several types of showers. Choose a shower cabin for more privacy or a walk-in shower, without any door for more space... The glass-walled shower, a very fashionable solution, will let in light through and bring a feeling of freedom.

Accessories: Being one of the busiest rooms in the house, set it in such a way that you feel good when you are in it. Fancy practical items such as a heated towel rail - along with a fan if you want to warm up the room - and a dehumidifier to drive away moisture.

A bathroom dedicated to serenity

  • To cope with humidity, your walls and ceiling should be impermeable to water. For instance, opt for plastic, glass or tiles.
  • A vaulted or dome-shaped ceiling helps in keeping moisture out of the way and prevents droplets of water - which can run off along curved lines - from dripping onto you.
  • To bring a serene atmosphere to the room, favour light colours for your walls, floor and furniture.
  • Wood is a very common material in spa rooms because it is warm and conducive to relaxation. Add a touch of it (or opt for an imitation parquet floor, a more economical and practical alternative) for a zen atmosphere.
  • Disregard ceiling lights and too direct light for brightness. To recreate the atmosphere of a spa, try LED lights, tealights... not to mention your candles!

An exotic outdoor bathroom

And how about a bathroom in your garden? Fix a shower near the pool or amidst the plants, where you can cool off and relax.

Among the aspects to ponder upon, consider first and foremost which type of shower you shall use. Coatings such as stones, cobblestones or pebbles are easy to maintain and prevents mould. They will fit perfectly the natural decor of your garden. Away from prying eyes, create a special place at the back of your garden and enjoy your moments of relaxation in complete privacy. For the technical aspect, be sure to install a water drainage system, or excavation for wastewater. Also, an outdoor solar shower will allow ecological and economical water heating!

Your outdoor bathroom can easily match a variety of styles to suit your mood - whether minimalist, tropical, zen or Asian, contemporary or rustic. All you have to do is harmonise the appropriate atmosphere with the surroundings (a mix of your plants with wood, stone and stainless steel, or glass and ceramics for example). You will be like a fish in a pond!

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