Steps and advices regarding Property Rental

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Choosing the right location
Just arrived in Mauritius and looking for a place to rent? With or without a pool? Beachfront? With or without garden? You need to ask yourself the right questions before making your choice. You must define your search criteria and identify your priorities before selecting your future home. This way, your search will be facilitated: you can contact individuals directly or go through an agency, you stack the odds in your favor to find the property that best suits your needs.

Define your criteria
Beyond the scope of heart you may have for a house, you must keep in mind a number of criteria so that your project meets your requirements.
Assessing distances and practical questions must be kept in mind when you make your choice of property.

Think about the journeys (from home to your office, from home to school), evaluate the proximity of shops, health services, public transport... If you do not consider these location factors, you could regret your choice later considering that all these elements are part of your daily life.

Beyond travel times, also think about the environment: busy highway or isolated house, neighborhood... Quiet environment, security and good relations with neighbors will participate in your comfort and well-being in your new neighborhood.

Concerning the property itself, check it’s orientation: what the hours of sunshine (which will allow you to relax in the sun in your garden), and try to estimate the orientation of wind.

Remember to ask if the house is rented furnished or not. If you arrive empty-handed and the property is unfurnished, you need to include furniture and household appliances expenditures in your budget. Note that furnished apartments are regulated by a lease which usually last for one year ; unlike unfurnished rentals whose lease usually runs up to 3 years.

Check the house facilities
Checking the facilities already available in your future home will let you know what steps to take once you have collected your keys.
To guarantee your security and fulfill the requirements with your insurance company, verify that an alarm system has been installed. If so, you can simply reactivate it (by contacting the customer service of your provider) and choose the security that is right for you: house monitoring (rapid response) upon activation of the alarm, or simply ask to be notified via sms.

For safety purposes, also consider the level of exposure of the house (road nearby, open house on the outside and easily accessible...), bars on windows on the ground floor or not... No one wants to be a victim of theft, take your precautions to avoid any inconvenience of the kind !

For your convenience, we recommend you opt for a home with air conditioning. The summer months (November to March) are relatively warm and humid (temperatures up to 35°). You will really appreciate entering temperate rooms, specially your bedroom!
Before moving in, ask your landlord to carry out the servicing of the air conditioners (which must be completed annually).

Beachfront property... between dream and reality

If you are an expatriate and have just arrived in Mauritius, you probably dream of a beachfront property... if possible with infinity pool overlooking the lagoon and surrounded by a garden with lush vegetation.
Without wanting to break your dream, you need to know that there may be a few drawbacks with such properties. Better be informed prior to signing a lease.

Firstly, ’Beachfront’ property means access to the sea, keeping in mind that land can not be fenced... Your house is more exposed to unwanted visitors and the gaze of curious tourists. You may therefore need to use extra measures of security when setting up your alarm system.
Furthermore, beachfront properties in Mauritius are often called ’campements’ by Mauritians: these are old Mauritians properties that come from the center of the island. As such, they are often poorly equipped and relatively uncomfortable. The water supply systems are particularly affected in this type of accommodation: before you move in, check that the entire system (water supply system, water pump, reservoir capacity, water heaters...) works.

Also be aware that the financial impact of having direct access to the sea is quite big. Compared to an equivalent house away from the sea, you will see the prices double or triple for the rent... The luxury of breathtaking views !

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