Home Staging: how to sell your house rapidly

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« Home Staging » appeared in the United States in the 70’s and consists of depersonalizing a property to make it more neutral and enhance it so as to sell it quickly. Thanks to inexpensive and simple changes in your house, « Home Staging » makes the buyer feel himself at home.

Sometimes the selling is difficult due to the condition of the property and the differences in taste. If the buyers are still not convinced despite of powerful measures, you have to think about the property itself and its strengths and shortcomings.

« Home Staging » isn’t really known and practiced in Mauritius. Most of the time no one wants to spend money in a house they’re going to put on sale soon. That’s why potential customers often visit houses in poor condition, heavily customized or worse, dirty and dilapidated.

« Home Staging » doesn’t consist of hiding imperfections, but to play with space, lights and a few rules: get rid of overstocking, depersonalize, clean up, repair and harmonize.

Some easy advice:

1) Avoid Congested and excess Decoration.

In general, on their first visit, the aspiring buyers try to imagine themselves living in the property. However, a specific enhancement doesn’t match to everyone’s taste. The colour of the walls for example, or accessories, can rapidly prevent the visitor to buy. This is where « Home Staging » could help you.

With the little change in the property, your place will be less intimate, so that the visitor can see himself living in the house more easily.

2) Set up your Interior.

So, « Home Staging » is not a simple design process, but quite the opposite. In fact it’s to put on stage your interior. After little repairs to refresh the whole house, it’s important to remove all your personal stuff (photography, statues, objects …).

3) Implement Bright and Neutral colours.

You have to consider carefully the colour codes. We understand the use of « Home Staging », if we realize that the visitor has his first impression during his first few minutes in the house. Choose plain and bright colours like beige or grey which are more common than red or yellow. By using the colours harmoniously, we can also buy sober accessories, to enhance the property. Cushions, mirrors, lamps can replace old school chandeliers or bright covers.

You can avoid subsequent negotiations, and sell your property faster, if you invest 2% to 4% of the purchase price. Estates agencies know perfectly these details. That’s why overseas estate agencies use the help of professionals when the sale takes too long to materialize.

So go Ahead! Take your brushes, brooms and hammers!
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Delphine Taylor

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