Selling your property: not without the help of an agent!

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You have a property for sale but you are not keen to call on an agency? To succeed in such an approach, much more rather complex than it seems, we recommend you to hire a professional. Since real estate is a high-stakes commercial sector, discover our useful arguments to opt for the services of an estate agent.

Essential skills to manage the sale of property

Real estate being a commercial world, but it is also necessary to have the know-out know-how to manage the human aspects of transactions. Realtors have this skill:

  • They know how to connect an owner and a potential buyer
  • They possess good relationship-building skills and make contact easy
  • They are diplomatic and are patient
  • They are sociable
  • They are tenacious, because it can take several months to realize a sale

Negotiating skill is not accessible to all

It requires great power of persuasion to convince potential buyers. Real estate agents are precisely outstanding negotiators! They must be available and know how to ask the right questions. With their listening skills, they can easily anticipate clients’ desires. In addition, they position themselves as real estate experts towards the clients; hence they are neutral concerning the sale: although involved, they take the necessary distance to assess properly the value of a property. This aspect is not always evident from an owner.

Knowledge, the key to success

Real estate is a serious industry; hence it requires a good mastery of legal and business issues. As individuals, you may miss important elements. However, the professionals of real estate have:

  • The required knowledge in real estate law
  • A good overall idea of market prices
  • An updated vision of the characteristics and up-to-date news of the sector

A good organisation

You may well find yourself overwhelmed if your agenda is poorly organized or overload. It will be complicated for you to arrange visits if you are working. The solution: assign this task to a real estate agent, whose job requires a sharp and methodical organization, so as to be responsive and available.

Dynamism, a key aspect

What about people who prefers private sale contract? Do they have the necessary dynamism to ensure sale, knowing that real estate is a sector where competition is fierce and requirements of everyone to the highest level? Dynamism is the No. 1 factor to identify a good real estate agent: he is willing to meet customers, have the necessary patience to deal with difficult sales and is optimistic even when the market is less strong… In other words, he reassures and accompanies you in all the steps of the sale!

In a word, you understand: knowing its subject on the tips of his fingers is essential when it comes to selling a property. Financial issues are high and the required energy to make a sale is not negligible, so we recommend you to use a professional who will best assist you throughout the process.

Professionals of real estate are available and, especially, they want to make your life easier. Their job requires different skills to complete your goal: the sale. So, dont’ hesitate to contact them!

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