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You finally found your dream house, or you simply must change your dwelling place… Moving out is obviously one of the most tedious steps before you settle down in your new abode. Here are a few tips that would allow you to relocate without much pain.

Be well organised

While changing one’s lifestyle or environment is quite exciting, it might as well turn out to be stressful and at times unnerving too because of the moving out part. In fact, this whole process can turn out to be frustrating as you can end up being submerged with tons of carton boxes and administrative documents. To avoid such a nasty predicament at the time you are starting a new life, it is important to plan your moving out well.

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The long moving out march starts the moment you have issued the vacating notice to your current landlord. You shall have to make some evaluation, sort out your personal effects and put some order in your documents. Start by assessing the volume of your belongings before seeking help from your friends or from a professional mover. As the years go by, you keep burdening yourself with expandable furniture. It is time to get rid of this unnecessary incumbrance to make things lighter for you.

Make sure you have checked out the site to better organise your battle plan. Take pictures, measure the space available and decide which one will go where. If you are moving to a flat, consider the available options to carry the stuff upstairs: staircases, elevators etc. You will then be able to know whether you will require the services of a professional mover or just some help from family and friends.

If you decide to hire a professional mover, make sure to evaluate your options. Talk it out to those around you and you will get to know where to find reliable and efficient movers and service providers that would suit your budget. Once your decision is taken, get the movers to visit the new location to better assess your requirements. Do not forget to make a list of your valuable objects for subsequent refund in case of damages.

Moving out also implies your change of address. Make a list of all your administrative papers. Prepare registered letters to be sent to your insurance company, water, electricity, telephone and internet providers, TV subscription, etc. The bank, income tax office and electoral commission should also be notified of your change of address.

What is self-storage and how can it help

During a relocation transition, you may find it difficult to find a place to keep your furniture. This is where self-storage comes in. This solution helps you store your belongings temporarily or permanently.

Whether you are refurbishing your existing house for onward selling and you want to take your time to sort out your belongings, or still your new house is too small and cannot accommodate all your existing furniture, your easy solution is self-storage.

You can also avail of advice from experts as well as packaging and stowing tips for convenient storage.

You may seek the services of the numerous companies in Mauritius that offer furniture storage facilities. This will help reduce your stress. You can store your belongings in the best of conditions and in total security. These companies often offer flexible storage periods and different space ranges. You can enjoy peace of mind as these facilities are under CCTV surveillance.

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