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A picture is worth a thousand words... If you intend to sell your house through an ad, you have to stick to this maxim! The reason? Well, because a nicely presented real estate ad is more successful... Here are a few pointers to help you get those great shots.

Tidy up

Before grabbing your camera, be sure that the place is in a neat and tidy state. Put away dirty laundry hanging out of the basket, papers lying around on the table, bottles sitting on the kitchen counter and containers in the bathroom.

Remove anything that might look unattractive in the photo. Potential buyers would rather see the potential of your home than your wall decorations or wardrobe items. Remove paintings and unnecessary items to highlight your interior.

Natural light

Natural light is the most valuable feature of a room. Use it to enhance your property for sale. Open blinds, shutters and curtains to illuminate the interior without having to turn on artificial lighting, which is less attractive in the photo.

Pay attention to backlighting. To avoid it, position yourself three-quarters facing the window, and focus the camera on the inside of the room, not on the light coming from the window. This will balance the brightness of the picture.


Using a tripod will enable your picture to be sharp and upright. It will allow you to have more time to frame it correctly. To ensure that your photo does not wobble, display the grid on the screen of your camera. This will help ensure that the floor is horizontal and the walls are vertical and aligned with the picture frame at a glance.

Take your pictures from the widest possible angle. Stand in a corner as far away as possible from the area you are photographing.

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