Lamps and lightings: let us brighten your days

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Lights, lamps, wall devices and other lighting fixtures are as functional as aesthetic... They bring a little warmth to your home while bringing out the best of your decor. Let’s talk about it!

Enhance your interior

Since they influence the general atmosphere of a room, it is important to choose the right lighting fixtures. Location, colour temperature, type of lighting… They can all adapt to your desires to adorn your house!

Lighting according to the rooms

Each room has a precise role and therefore has specific requirements in terms of brightness.

For the living room: friendly living space

A soft lighting to set up the warm atmosphere of this room. Your lights go hand in hand with the decoration... A ceiling lamp or wall lights here and there in the living room, or lamp posts, as long as they are not in the way. An extra lamp shall reduce eye strain when watching television.

For the kitchen: see your dishes better

Consider the optimal lighting of your work surface with a suspension or ceiling light in the centre of the room. If you are planning to use spotlights, place them in specific areas such as inside closets. Avoid glass or fabric lampshades as they are difficult to clean.

For the children’s room: a little fantasy

Play with colours and light elements - garlands, coloured lamps... Have fun! However, go for solid lamps, even fixed to the walls, to avoid any incident. Also try not to use standing lamps, which can tip over during playtime.

For a garden which shines with a thousand lights

An absolute must for your safety, lighting the outside of your property can also set the tone for an original atmosphere. Garlands, spotlights, lanterns... What are the trends?

Highlight your pathway: Using spotlights or light posts, instead of direct lighting, shall accentuate the line of your lane with warm light. This way, the glow accompanies you smoothly, rather than dazzling everything.

Light up your trees: To maintain their beauty, consider direct lighting: one or more projectors or spotlights at the foot of the trees will enhance them.

For your walls: Always useful, sometimes decorative, wall lights are perfect to illuminate terraces. Dress your facade in a sober or eccentric way, according to your tastes.

The surroundings: Let your imagination run wild! Coloured garlands above, lamps placed next to or around the table, small and discreet spots inside your flower pots, or natural pools in the distance.

Home automation: a luminous invention

Economical and practical, setting up a "connected light system" at home helps to gain in comfort. Home automation can be useful for several reasons. In addition to anticipating energy needs and illuminating where and when needed, it also remedies omissions. Don’t worry about leaving the lights on when you leave. The technology is also a valuable aid for special needs such as the elderly or people with reduced mobility who have difficulty in reaching the switches.

From an aesthetic point of view, you can choose the setting of a room according to your moods, adapting colour, the intensity of light and lighting effects. Conciliate the ambiences with your interior decoration in the blink of an eye, sometimes with general lightings such as wall and ceiling lights, and at other times with spotlights, directed at specific points, leaving the rest of the room in the shade. You can also have fun turning the unidirectional spots on or off, or even creating shadows and emphasis in the room.

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