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Ecology and savings are two words we wish to integrate to our everyday life. What would you think if we tell you that it is possible through your house’s construction or purchase? And if we tell you that you may not use concrete, bricks, nails and hammers anymore to build your cosy nest? In order to help you to find an alternative house, we bring to you the container house!

A container house is an accommodation composed of one or several containers, modified, furnished and decorated in order to create a comfortable space. This attempt is more economic as they require only the purchase of containers, some supplementary works and a labour. You will do further savings if you already possess a location. It is also an ecological alternative as they allow you to recycle used containers which are often left abandoned, hence reducing the use of materials such as wood or concrete. Also, it may be easily be modified by adding supplementary containers to create further rooms.

So, are you ready for some change? Here are some ideas which shall help you to choose your revolutionary house!

The minimalist house



Why complicate simple things? This house is composed of the bare necessities and of a compact space, perfect for minimalist enthusiasts.

For a large family



Here is a spacious house, perfect to welcome your clan.

For a young couple


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Here is a cosy nest for your lovers who wish to settle.



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You want a container house but without compromising on luxury? Here a villa-style house which may suit your liking.

A design-drawned house


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Modern art lovers will love this uniquely styled house, without a doubt.

A word of caution! You must nevertheless inform yourself on your containers’ previous uses as they could have been used to carry dangerous products. The installation of insulation panels is also a pre-requisite as temperature may rapidly fall or rise. A revolutionary house is great, in addition if it is endowed with the necessary comfort.

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