Teleworking: How to secure the house for our children?

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Working from home has become part of our daily routine during the lockdown. Owing to the Covid-19 crisis, we spend more time than before indoors and new issues have to be dealt with. This is why it is important to cater for our children’s security, especially the younger ones. cares about this and proposes here a few simple ways to better secure your house and avoid injuries.

Children discover the world with their hands. When they grow up, they want to try everything. Some objects, though seemingly harmless, may represent potential sources of injury or burnt. In order to allow them a peaceful incursion into the world of adults, here are some practical pieces of advice to help you to secure your house and avoid any accident.

Install security barriers

Those barriers are here to prevent your children from entering rooms which may contain dangerous objects, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. They can also block access to the stairs, from where young kids may fall. Equipped with locking systems, those barriers will prevent unfortunate accidents to your small ones.

Use stove protections

Children are curious and are often attracted by the unknown. The stove being
unfamiliar, they will most probably try to touch it... and thus take the risk of burning their fingers! Placing an appropriate protection is the best way of preventing this. And you can show how you protect yourself. After all, they will have all the time to learn cooking!

Barriers for their beds

Because children do not only sleep in them and use their beds as improvised playgrounds, they may sometimes represent potential danger sources! In fact, an abrupt movement is enough to ensure falls, injuries and tears!

Hide electricity sockets

By growing up, your children will notice these small holes along your house’s walls…and they shall probably try to touch them. Beware, electricity sockets are real sources of danger. To avoid your child from being electrocuted,you can use socket hiders which will be very important when you are not be supervising.

Just like the old saying: “Prevention is better than cure”! Here is a rule that we better not ignore most of all when it involves your children. Now you are informed on all the risks and on how to avoid them, from the living room to the kitchen.

Stay Safe!

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