Furnished rental: everything you need to know!

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Living in an already equipped house as a tenant… This lifestyle is often associated with single people or newlyweds, but is obviously open to all. While furnished rental offers are on the increase in the Mauritian real estate market, here is a focus on the advantages of this way of life.

With the possibility of settling in a property with only your suitcase in hand, furnished rental offers are attractive. You choose to settle in a ready-made nest, without the constraints of additional installations.

What if your corner chair is too big for this new living room? Doesn’t the furniture run the risk of mismatching the existing decor? With pre-equipped accommodation, you probably won’t need to worry about it. On the other hand, you will have to negotiate with the owner if you want to change the furniture. Note, however, that according to the regulations, furnished rentals are controlled by a lease for a period of one year, renewable by tacit agreement, while for unfurnished rentals, the lease can last up to three years, renewable in general. Even if they are on average 15 to 30% more expensive than an empty rented property, it should include essentials to facilitate your daily life... A significant advantage when you have a life on the go! Before embarking on a rental contract, do not forget to take an inventory of the owner’s effects and include it in the rental contract

Good to know: Your rights as a tenant

So that the rental goes as smoothly as possible, make sure that your rights are respected:

  • You have the right to enjoy housing without being hampered by the landlord once the lease has been signed;
  • The accommodation must be free from any defect, in order to preserve your physical and moral integrity;
  • Before any home improvement work, the landlord must ask you for permission;
  • On the day of the tenant’s resignation, if the accommodation is returned in perfect condition, you will be able to recover all of your deposit within the time limit set in the contract.

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