Flooring and floor coverings: everlasting trends!

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It is the perfect finish to complement a room... Yet, deciding which flooring to choose can be very challenging. For both interiors and exteriors, classics never go out of date, no matter what the trend.

To each his own

When it comes to flooring, the choices are endless. Regardless of the materials, the key is to match your lifestyle, above and beyond your décor.

Waxed concrete: An increasingly popular flooring option, which lends a minimalist allure to your rooms and blends in easily with all types of décor. Suitable for both construction and renovation, it can be used on the slab, concrete screed, floor or even tiles, provided that they are dry, clean and free of cracks.

Laminate flooring: Affordable and easy to upkeep, laminate flooring is a chipboard base on which a pattern is applied. Wood, concrete, tiles... It perfectly mimics these materials, while offering an authentic cachet to an interior. One of its best advantages is that it can be easily installed.

Tiles: A wide range of styles for different looks are possible, whether they are made out of urban cement, oxidised metal or marble. Large tiles and very thin panels have been trendily used for some time. They can be laid on an existing floor, thus greatly aiding your renovation work.

Vinyl: Provides a patterned floor at a low price. It is well suited for all rooms, especially bathrooms. Easy to install and maintain, vinyl can imitate materials such as tiles, parquet or concrete.

To spruce up your home...

Flooring is an intrinsic part of your interior design. They set the tone for the style you want to convey to the room... Interior flooring is designed to be attractive, yet it should also be convenient. For instance, if you have kids, ensure that the flooring is slip-resistant and easy to maintain for everyday messes.

Opt for a structured floor, with shades of colour, to prevent visible dirt. Alternatively, you may prefer light colours for a less overwhelming and classy aesthetic.

Bear in mind that you have to consider the room’s space before choosing the material. For a smaller room, it is not desirable to use large tiles, but rather small ones: this will provide more seams, visually enlarging the room. In addition, a darker floor will result in the room standing taller with a light-coloured ceiling.

...or dress up your patios

Cosy, natural or contemporary... The many colours and textures used outside can radically transform the look of your terrace. Besides the appearance, the flooring protects the patio from the wear and tear of frequent use and from the weather, due to its exposure to the sun and rain.

Wood, stone, concrete, tiles... Before settling on the material and style that suits you, consider the advantages and constraints of maintenance. While some outdoor flooring requires specific and regular treatment, others can be maintained more easily with basic floor care products. Tiles, for instance, are easy to maintain... A quick sweep is all it takes! The maintenance of wood, on the other hand, requires extra effort. Wooden decking, for instance, calls for extra effort - periodic cleaning with water and black soap. They also need to be oiled, brightened or glazed, according to the primary treatment of the wood.

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