Electricity: How to get a new electricity connection?

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[Magazine Article from LexpressProperty 70 (August - September)]

One of the most important steps to undertake when planning a construction project is to subscribe to the Central Electricity Board (CEB) to ensure that your electricity supply is up to standard. Below are the steps to follow...


First, an application has to be made in person or in writing. You will need to bring the following documentation :

· Your national identity card or passport ;
· A copy of the deed of ownership of the property for which you are applying for supply;
· or a copy of the tenancy agreement if you live on public land;
· or a letter of permission from the landlord if you are a tenant. A copy of the owner’s title deed is also required in this case;
· The building and land use permit for the premises, if applicable;
· A list of domestic appliances to be connected in watts or kilowatts.

If the premises are rented, permission from your landlord is required, as well as a copy of their national identity card and title deed. The landlord can also contact the CEB office to produce a copy of the title deed to support your application.

To get a building permit, you need to submit digital copies of the site plans to the municipality or district council in your area.

The application can also be made using the ’National Electronic Licensing System’ at edbmauritius.org. The local authority will forward the application to the relevant CEB office.

You should know that since the beginning of this year, the CEB has been offering subsidies of 6% to 10% to subscribers falling under residential tariffs 110, 110A, 110B and 120, deemed to be small and medium consumers.

A rise in the price of electricity?

The Central Electricity Board, being in a tough financial situation, and also affected by the inflationary climate, has applied to the government to increase the price of electricity by up to 30% for certain groups of customers... Whilst this has not yet been confirmed, it is best to take precautions and watch out for over-consumption!

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