COVID-19: healthy house, happy home

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Your house is, and should stay, a safe haven during this time of sanitary crisis. Besides the preventive measures to adopt against the spread of the virus, and the methods to protect your children, here are some tips to help you keep a healthy house.

All cleaned out!

Heading out on your shopping day? Working in essential services and having to go out on a regular basis? While going out is sometimes inevitable, you need to avoid contaminating your house and do your best to keep it safe once you are back inside. After each outdoor trips, do not forget to clean and disinfect your floors and at-risk surfaces such as doorknobs, taps or even the remote control.

A breath of fresh air

The coronavirus will not get into your home through your windows. No need to keep them closed! Ventilation is important to keep a healthy space: regularly open your doors and windows, and allow air circulation so that your house can breathe.

Using natural light... A bright idea!

Did you know that a sunlit house can have a revitalising impact on its residents? Bask in the sun. Ultraviolet rays allow the synthesis of vitamin D, and this is essential to stay in good health.

Tidying up, your house and mind

A messy house can mirror your state of mind. Take advantage of your free time during the lockdown and declutter it. It is a great way to feel better in your house and in your head!

More than ever, let’s remember that a healthy home is a source of well-being. Let it become your sanctuary during the coronavirus crisis.

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