Cool down your house in summer... What materials to choose?

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Summertime in Mauritius is often accompanied by sweltering heat waves. While equipping your home with air conditioning units can be useful when the temperature rises, it is noteworthy that it is possible to cool your home with the right materials too. Here are our tips...

Thermal insulation

Plan for thermal insulation when building your house... Indeed, heavy materials, such as earth, lime, stone or concrete have the capacity to absorb heat... A concrete facade, for example, will help in soothing the hot climate! Moreover, matte, dark and grainy surfaces show better absorption rates.

It should be noted that a thermal insulator undergoes a phase-shifting process, allowing the external heat to be retained for a certain number of hours. However, if the chosen insulation does not phase out, it will allow outside temperatures to penetrate very quickly, and the internal amplitudes will quickly be felt. A good insulator allows a phase shift of about 8 hours.

For your floors, which do not retain heat, consider insulating them with materials with low thermal conductivity, such as polyurethane. Common practice, insulation under tiling, for example, makes it possible to benefit from better comfort both acoustically and thermally.

Materials to avoid

Steel frames are not recommended, because they do not promote the storage of the heat they conduct. Wood, despite having low thermal conductivity, will have low thermal inertia. Whether used as a frame, or for flooring, it will not retain heat, and the temperature will rise more easily.

For optimal coolness on the floor, you should avoid insulating coverings such as parquet, carpets and rugs, which are excellent heat conductors.

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