Becoming an owner? Recommendations on your first visit

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You are finally planning to take the leap and become an owner. Now comes the time for your first visit... Whether it is for a new house or not, to avoid any bad surprises, make sure not to miss these essential details before making a purchase offer.

  • Check the geographic location

Pay attention to the technicalities and advantages of the location of your future property: road conditions, flood zones, the proximity of shops, schools, and health centres. The resale value of your property also depends on it.

  • Evaluate the amount of charges

Whether you invest in a detached house or in property forming part of a housing estate, the amount of charges is not the same. Take note of the specifications which define the reciprocal obligations of each owner for a condominium.

For those wishing to invest in a detached house, keep in mind that a landscaped garden and a swimming pool need regular maintenance, and therefore represent an additional monthly cost.

  • Check the sanitation of the house

Determine what sanitation system is in place in the house: is it a sewer connection or an individual device? If the sanitation system is individual, ask about the state of maintenance of the latter.

  • Check the condition of the walls, ceilings and windows

Take the time to go around the property and check the condition of the ceilings and walls. This way, you may detect any leaks or damage which could add a cost to the overall investment note.

  • Estimate the amount of any work

Be realistic, even if you are already planning in this house. A bathroom to renovate? An obsolete electrical installation? As many details that can add several zeros to the amount of your acquisition. Do not forget to take into account the notary fees to define the real amount of investment.

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