Whether you are a Mauritian citizen or a foreigner, Mauritius offers numerous advantages and opportunities in terms of real estate properties. The number of units for sale and for rental gives a clear picture of the good health of this market segment on a local scale. Property ads as well as real estate agencies are constantly on the rise.

Our website is here to help you in your property quest. Whatever be the reason of this future investment, a wide range of options is available for you in almost all the regions of the island : houses, villas, residential complexes, apartments, studios, rooms, buildings, warehouses, offices, commercial spaces, industrial spaces. Moreover, a wide array of residential, agricultural and commercial lands are available for sale.

Within this section, you may access great deal of information by means of thematically featured articles about buying, selling and rental of real estate property in Mauritius, tips and advices for landlords and tenants, administrative procedures required before the construction or sale of a house in Mauritius.

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Buying in Mauritius

Buying a property is a lifetime investment, especially when it comes to buying a home. You must have all the necessary and useful information to (...)

Rent: Tenants

Property rental is a market which is gaining momentum in Mauritius. The ever-rising demand for houses, apartments, studios and villas rental is (...)


Choose your land location, draft your construction plan, apply for your Building and Land-use Permit, choose your building materials, carry out (...)

Rent: Landlords

Buying a real estate property provides some advantages: fiscal incentives, warranties, energy saving, rental income in case of property rental. (...)

Moving to Mauritius

Thinking about moving and settling in Mauritius? You have obtained all the required permits and it is now time to seriously consider your (...)

Our Articles

Cap Tamarin Smart City is taking shape

On the 23/12/2016

Cap Tamarin Smart City takes shape. This large-scale project, conceived by the Trymetys group, will benefit from the expertise of SETEC, one of (...)

Why you should contact a real estate agent

On the 20/12/2016

Real estate agencies are militating these days for the introduction of the Real Estate Agency Act. The property market is looking good with a (...)

Some crazy constructions

On the 09/12/2016

There is no longer any limit to imagination and construction! Discover some strange and fantastic buildings. We all have an idea of what the (...)

Mistakes to avoid as a first-time buyer

On the 07/12/2016

You are a first-time buyer, that is to say that you are considering acquiring for the first time a property as a principal residence? This is (...)

Rounded home pricing lead to faster sales!

On the 07/12/2016

If the valuation of a property is not a simple exercise, setting a rounded price would be a boost to sell one’s estate, according to a US study. (...)