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Land (residential) - 2606m² 10

Land (residential) - 2606m²

Black River, West
Rs 9,700,000 as from Rs 53,264/month

Beautiful residential land of 2606m2 located in the Black River Gorge, along the great black...

Land (residential) - 790m² 1

Land (residential) - 790m²

Landlux Properties
Trou aux Biches, North
Rs 5,900,000 as from Rs 32,398/month

Residential land of 208 toises available for sale in Trou-aux-Biches. It is situated close to...

Land (residential) - 464m² 1

Land (residential) - 464m²

Landlux Properties
Calodyne, North
Rs 3,400,000 as from Rs 18,670/month

For sale a residential land of 464 m2 in Calodyne. For more information or for a viewing, do...

Land (residential) - 3690m² 2

Land (residential) - 3690m²

Landlux Properties
Péreybère, North
Rs 10,875,000 as from Rs 59,716/month

For sale in Pereybere, a residential land of 87 perches. This land is situated to the nearby...

Land (residential) - 2136m² 1

Land (residential) - 2136m²

Landlux Properties
Le Morne Brabant, West
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 82,367/month

For sale a residential land of approximately 2136 m2, located at Le Morne Brabant. For a...

Land (residential) - 2786m² 1

Land (residential) - 2786m²

Landlux Properties
Péreybère, North
Rs 8,250,000 as from Rs 45,302/month

For sale in Pereybere, a residential land of 66 perches. This land is situated close to the...

Land (residential) - 1425m² 1

Land (residential) - 1425m²

Landlux Properties
Rivière du Rempart, North
Rs 6,950,000 as from Rs 38,164/month

For sale a plot of residential land of 1425.25 m2 at Morcellement Clos De La Forêt located in...

Land (residential) - 1588m² 1

Land (residential) - 1588m²

Landlux Properties
Floréal, Center
Rs 14,630,000 as from Rs 80,335/month

For sale a residential plot of land of 1588 m2, ideally located in a posh area of Floreal. For...

Land (residential) - 6190m² 8

Land (residential) - 6190m²

Seeff Properties
Mont Piton, North
Rs 21,850,000 as from Rs 119,981/month

Residential plot of land of 1 A 46.6 perches, views on the northern islands situated next to...

Land (residential) - 754m² 1

Land (residential) - 754m²

Landlux Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 5,000,000 as from Rs 27,456/month

Residential land of 754m2 for sale in Côte D’or Accessible from existing road networks and...

Land (residential) - 378m² 1

Land (residential) - 378m²

Landlux Properties
Trou aux Biches, North
Rs 3,600,000 as from Rs 19,768/month

Residential land of 378m2 for sale in Trou-aux-Biches. Close to Trou aux Biches public beach,...

Land (residential) - 2483m² 1

Land (residential) - 2483m²

Landlux Properties
Highlands, Center
Rs 19,609,200 as from Rs 107,677/month

Residential land of 653.42 ts for sale in Highlands Rose. The selling price is Rs 19,609,200...

Land (residential) - 404m² 1

Land (residential) - 404m²

Landlux Properties
Rivière des Anguilles, South
Rs 957,200 as from Rs 5,257/month

Residential land of 106.35 toises is for sale in Rivière-des-Anguilles. Close to the bank,...

Land (residential) - 323m² 2

Land (residential) - 323m²

Future Bright Properties
Albion, West
Rs 2,200,000 as from Rs 12,081/month

Live in a secured & gated Morcellement in the beautiful region of Albion! The perfect plot to...

Land (residential) - 802m² 3

Land (residential) - 802m²

Future Bright Properties
Curepipe, Center
Rs 6,000,000 as from Rs 32,947/month

Located in the centre of the island, this beautiful plot of 211 Toises is in a residential area...