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Land (residential) - 863m² 3

Land (residential) - 863m²

Landlux Properties
Pointe aux Piments, North
Rs 5,000,000 as from Rs 27,456/month

Situated in gated community, a plot of residential land of 227.11toises for sale in...

Land (residential) - 1841m² 1

Land (residential) - 1841m²

Landlux Properties
Anse Jonchée, South
Rs 3,000,000 as from Rs 16,474/month

Unique opportunity! Residential land of 487 toises at Anse Jonchée with magnificent views of the...

Land (residential) - 1283m² 1

Land (residential) - 1283m²

Landlux Properties
Albion, West
Rs 11,800,000 as from Rs 64,796/month

Ideally located residential land, of approximately 338 toises is for sale in Albion. The...

Land (residential) - 714m² 1

Land (residential) - 714m²

Landlux Properties
Rose Hill, Center
Rs 5,100,000 as from Rs 28,005/month

Residential land of 188 toises is for sale in Rose-Hill. The selling price is at Rs 5,100,000....

Land (residential) - 1051m² 1

Land (residential) - 1051m²

Landlux Properties
Balaclava, North
Rs 4,426,720 as from Rs 24,308/month

Residential land of 276.67 toises for sale in Balaclava. The selling price is at Rs 4,426,720....

Land (residential) - 2624m² 1

Land (residential) - 2624m²

Landlux Properties
Ebène, Center
Rs 15,970,556 as from Rs 87,697/month

Residential land of 2624m2 for sale in morcellement Au Bout Du Monde Ebène. The selling price is...

Land (residential) - 464m² Exclusivity 5

Land (residential) - 464m²

M.J.L.T Agency
St Pierre, Center
Rs 2,200,000 as from Rs 12,081/month

Residential plot of land located at Petit Verger, St Pierre. (Next to Petit Verger...

Land (residential) - 2050m² 1

Land (residential) - 2050m²

Landlux Properties
Ebène, Center
Rs 11,645,197 as from Rs 63,946/month

Residential land of 2050m2 for sale in the well known morcellement ‘Au Bout Du Monde’ in Ebène....

Land (residential) - 929m² 3

Land (residential) - 929m²

Landlux Properties
Sébastopol, East
Rs 3,665,400 as from Rs 20,128/month

For sale a residential plot of land of 244.36 toises in Clavet. The selling price is at Rs...

Land (residential) - 733m² 1

Land (residential) - 733m²

Landlux Properties
Balaclava, North
Rs 3,000,000 as from Rs 16,474/month

Residential land of 193ts for sale in Balaclava. The selling price is Rs 3,000,000. For more...

Land (residential) - 315m² 12

Land (residential) - 315m²

R&B Real Estate Investment Ltd
Grand Bay, North
Rs 2,573,000 as from Rs 14,129/month

Land for sale in the north, Located in Grand Baie, about 5 minutes of drive to Super U. This...

  • Residential Morcellements
Land (residential) - 538m² 1

Land (residential) - 538m²

Immo 23
Flic en Flac, West
Rs 4,400,000 as from Rs 24,161/month

Residential plot of land of 141.5 toises for sale at morcellement Green Creek at Flic-en-Flac....

Land (residential) - 507m² New 3

Land (residential) - 507m²

Calodyne, North
Rs 3,500,000 as from Rs 19,219/month

For sale a residential land of 506.5 m2 in Calodyne. For a visit or more details, phone at...

Land (residential) - 1962m² 5

Land (residential) - 1962m²

Pam Golding Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 15,390,000 as from Rs 84,509/month

Lovely site. Centrally located, however, still tucked away in a quiet residential area. This...

Land (residential) - 10000m² 11

Land (residential) - 10000m²

Pam Golding Properties
Pamplemousses, North
Rs 30,000,000 as from Rs 164,734/month

Situated in a quiet, rural location close to Pamplemousses, you will find this interesting,...