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Land (residential) - 16040m² 7

Land (residential) - 16040m²

Seeff Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 90,000,000 as from Rs 494,200/month

Residential land in Côte d'Or ideal for a small morcellement Land size; 3 arpents 80 perches /...

Land (residential) - 767m² 4

Land (residential) - 767m²

Property 12
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 5,500,000 as from Rs 30,202/month

Nice residential plot with three-sided walls, located next to a green space and located in the...

Land (residential) - 593m² 4

Land (residential) - 593m²

Realty Lane
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 3,750,000 as from Rs 20,592/month

Land of 156T situated at Cote D'or Boundary wall available( L-shape) Contact 5255...

Land (residential) - 365m² 3

Land (residential) - 365m²

Future Bright Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 2,500,000 as from Rs 13,728/month

Build your dream house in the beautiful vicinity of Cote D'or! This plot gives you the...

Land (residential) - 754m² 1

Land (residential) - 754m²

Landlux Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 5,000,000 as from Rs 27,456/month

Residential land of 754m2 for sale in Côte D’or Accessible from existing road networks and...

Land (residential) - 539m² 7

Land (residential) - 539m²

Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 4,500,000 as from Rs 24,710/month

AUREA BOIS DE NATTE in COTE D’OR – PLOT OF LAND FOR SALE N418 – 539.85 m2 – 142 toises @ Rs4.5...

Land (residential) - 752m² 6

Land (residential) - 752m²

Future Bright Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 4,750,000 as from Rs 26,083/month

New Listing at Morcellement Aurea Cote D'or! Strategically located in an emerging growth area...

Land (residential) - 988m² 2

Land (residential) - 988m²

Seeff Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 4,800,000 as from Rs 26,358/month

Residential land bordering a river in the open morcellement, 'Plaines des L'Hermitage' Cote...

Land (residential) - 754m² 3

Land (residential) - 754m²

Nouveau Monde
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 4,180,000 as from Rs 22,953/month

Residential land of 754 m2 or 198 toises for sale in the AUREA LIVING HARMONY EBONY...

Land (residential) - 703m² 3

Land (residential) - 703m²

Davyland Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 5,700,000 as from Rs 31,300/month

Morcellement Aurea Cote D'or (Bois de Natte) - Strategically located in the centre of the...

Land (residential) - 1266m² 5

Land (residential) - 1266m²

Ayaviva Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 8,000,000 as from Rs 43,929/month

A plot of 30 perches for sale in Morcellement Auréa, Cote d’or. Front walls made of stone and...

Land (residential) - 566m² 4

Land (residential) - 566m²

Broll Indian Ocean
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 4,000,000 as from Rs 21,965/month

LOT NO 232 - Residential land of 566.86m2 or 149 Toises available for sale at Aurea Living...

Land (residential) - 722m² 5

Land (residential) - 722m²

Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 5,800,000 as from Rs 31,849/month

Nice piece of land of 190 toises well situated in the peaceful complex of Aurea. 5 mins drive...

Land (residential) - 549m² 5

Land (residential) - 549m²

Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 3,630,000 as from Rs 19,933/month

Rare opportunity to be owner in this chic area of Cote d'Or. 2 batches only. 13P at Rs 3.63 M...

Land (residential) - 440m² 2

Land (residential) - 440m²

Davyland Properties
Côte d'Or, Center
Rs 3,400,000 as from Rs 18,670/month

Residential land of 440m2 for sale in the morcellement AUREA LIVING HARMONY...