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Land (commercial) - 4685m² 2

Land (commercial) - 4685m²

Immo Express
Phoenix, Center
Rs 38,850,000 as from Rs 225,701/month

Prime commercial plot of an extent of 4,685 sqm (or 1.11 arpents) ideally situated in...

Land (commercial) - 4118m² 1

Land (commercial) - 4118m²

Immo Express
Trianon, Center
Price N/D

Ideally located commercial plot of an extent of 4,118 m2 (or 97.6 perches) at the entrance of...

Land (commercial) - 2122m² 5

Land (commercial) - 2122m²

Immo Express
Helvetia, Center
Rs 15,500,000 as from Rs 90,048/month

Prime commercial plot of 2,122m2 / 558 toises / 50 perches located in Moka Smart City, more...

Land (commercial) - 672m² 4

Land (commercial) - 672m²

Immo Express
Port Louis, North
Price N/D

Plot of land of an extent of 671 m2 (or 177 toises) which could be suitable for both...

Land (commercial) - 1382m² 1

Land (commercial) - 1382m²

Immo Express
Coromandel, Center
Rs 17,000,000 as from Rs 98,762/month

Plot of land of an extent of 1,382 m2 (or 364 toises) right along the main road of Coromandel...

Land (commercial) - 2010m² 1

Land (commercial) - 2010m²

Immo Express
Pavillon, North
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 43,572/month

Terrain faisant un angle d’une superficie de 2,010 m2 (ou 529 toises / 47.6 perches) en bordure...

Land (commercial) - 259m² 3

Land (commercial) - 259m²

Immo Express
Plaine Verte, North
Rs 5,750,000 as from Rs 33,405/month

Plot of land of an extent of 259 m2 (or 68 toises / 6.15 perches) located in Plaine Verte. An...

Land (commercial) - 3903m² 1

Land (commercial) - 3903m²

Davyland Properties
Riche Terre, North
Rs 12,500,000 as from Rs 72,620/month

Industrial land of 3,903m² situated in the Industrial Zone of Riche Terre.

Land (commercial) - 793m² 1

Land (commercial) - 793m²

Landlux Properties
Trianon, Center
Rs 7,315,000 as from Rs 42,497/month

For sale commercial plots of land of 209 toises to 213 toises ranging from Rs 7,315,000 to Rs...

Land (commercial) - 276m² 1

Land (commercial) - 276m²

Vertitech Holding
Cap Malheureux, North
Rs 2,200,000 as from Rs 12,781/month

Are you looking for land for a commercial project? This 276 m2 / 6.54 perches land is located...

Land (commercial) - 4008m² 1

Land (commercial) - 4008m²

Dwelling Property
Petite Retraite, East
Rs 2,900,000 as from Rs 16,848/month

Good Opportunity to buy a plot of commercial land at Petite Retraite, Laventure. Land surface...

Land (commercial) - 729m² 3

Land (commercial) - 729m²

Future Bright Properties
Port Louis, North
Rs 20,000,000 as from Rs 116,191/month

Commercial plot on the main road of Port Louis! Looking for a plot for expand your business,...

Land (commercial) - 4009m² 3

Land (commercial) - 4009m²

MCL Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 13,000,000 as from Rs 75,524/month

Commercial land of 4,009.83m2 (94.96 perches) for sale in Grand Bay. Ideally located near the...

Land (commercial) - 4221m² 1

Land (commercial) - 4221m²

Vertitech Holding
Cap Malheureux, North
Rs 25,000,000 as from Rs 145,239/month

Land of 1 arpent / 4221 m2 ideally located on the main road of 20 foot road in Cap Malheureux....

Land (commercial) - 8442m² 8

Land (commercial) - 8442m²

Quartier Militaire, Center
Rs 13,000,000 as from Rs 75,524/month

Land of two acres for sale in the industrial area of ​​Quartier Militaire. Ideal for a company...