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Land (commercial) - 4431m² 5

Land (commercial) - 4431m²

Immo Express
Péreybère, North
Price N/D

Plot of land of an extent of 1.05 arpents right along the Vieux Moulin Cassé. Ideally situated...

Land (commercial) - 4221m² 3

Land (commercial) - 4221m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Price N/D

Industrial plot of 4,221 square metres (or 1 arpent) located in Petit Camp,...

Land (commercial) - 3063m² 4

Land (commercial) - 3063m²

Immo Express
Union Park, South
Price N/D

Industrial plot of land of an extent of 3,063 square metres (or 806 toises / 72.5 perches)...

Land (commercial) - 6331m² 4

Land (commercial) - 6331m²

Immo Express
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 87,143/month*

Plot of industrial land of an extent of 6,331 square metres (or 150 perches / 1.5 arpents)...

Land (commercial) - 2766m² 1

Land (commercial) - 2766m²

Immo Express
Grand Bay, North
Price N/D

Prime commercial/residential plot of 2,766m2 / 728 toises / 65.5 perches situated along the...

Land (commercial) - 1055m² 1

Land (commercial) - 1055m²

Péreybère, North
Rs 19,500,000 as from Rs 113,286/month*

Land of 25p Com/Res , opposite pieton cul-de-sac on the sea Rte Royale PEREYBERE,under...

Land (commercial) - 7386m² 1

Land (commercial) - 7386m²

Le Manoir Immobilier
Pointe aux Sables, West
Rs 23,000,000 as from Rs 133,620/month*

large field foot in the auau The lease has just been renewed commercial or residency...

Land (commercial) - 6330m² 1

Land (commercial) - 6330m²

Le Manoir Immobilier
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 87,143/month*

large plot of one acre and a half located next to the Sentinel industrial and commercial land...

Land (commercial) - 196m² 3

Land (commercial) - 196m²

Elova Properties
Mon Trésor, South
Rs 9,979,000 as from Rs 57,974/month*

Strategic location is a fundamental component in commercial property development. Ideally...

Land (commercial) - 2766m² Exclusivity 3

Land (commercial) - 2766m²

Moka Smart City
Moka, Center
Rs 18,678,000 as from Rs 108,511/month*

Vivéa is built on the site of a former sugar factory, amidst vestiges of the past and...

Land (commercial) - 2654m² Exclusivity 3

Land (commercial) - 2654m²

Moka Smart City
Bagatelle, Center
Rs 15,590,625 as from Rs 90,575/month*

Bagatelle is one of the island’s most attractive and popular retail destinations with a...

Land (commercial) - 1743m² 1

Land (commercial) - 1743m²

Landlux Properties
St Pierre, Center
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 87,143/month*

Well located residential/commercial plot of land of 1743 m2 in St-Pierre. Call us on...

Land (commercial) - 5309m² 8

Land (commercial) - 5309m²

Curepipe, Center
Rs 130,000,000 as from Rs 755,239/month*

Commercial land with an area of ​​5309 m² located in Curepipe. Ideal for developing projects such...

Land (commercial) - 26931m² 5

Land (commercial) - 26931m²

Riche Terre, North
Rs 81,000,000 as from Rs 470,572/month*

Commercial land of 26 931 m² for sale in Riche Terre ,an area conducive to the development of...

Land (commercial) - 723m² 5

Land (commercial) - 723m²

Trou d'Eau Douce, East
Rs 3,500,000 as from Rs 20,334/month*

Commercial land ideally located in Trou d'Eau Douce, perfect for a company wishing to...