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Land (commercial) - 6330m² 1

Land (commercial) - 6330m²

Le Manoir Immobilier
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 87,143/month*

large plot of one acre and a half located next to the Sentinel industrial and commercial land...

Land (commercial) - 2766m² Exclusivity 1

Land (commercial) - 2766m²

Moka Smart City
Moka, Center
Price N/D

Vivéa is built on the site of a former sugar factory, amidst vestiges of the past and...

Land (commercial) - 4389m² 1

Land (commercial) - 4389m²

Immo Express
Phoenix, Center
Rs 36,400,000 as from Rs 211,467/month*

Prime commercial plot of an extent of 4,389 sqm (or 1.04 arpents) ideally located along the M2...

Land (commercial) - 4118m² 3

Land (commercial) - 4118m²

Immo Express
Trianon, Center
Price N/D

Ideally located commercial plot of an extent of 4,118 m2 (or 97.6 perches) at the entrance of...

Land (commercial) - 1379m² Urgent 3

Land (commercial) - 1379m²

Morcellement St André, North
Rs 3,700,000 as from Rs 21,496/month*

For sale at royal road Morcellement Saint Andre north. Residential/commercial land of 33...

Land (commercial) - 2122m² 5

Land (commercial) - 2122m²

Immo Express
Helvetia, Center
Rs 14,500,000 as from Rs 84,239/month*

Prime commercial plot of 2,122m2 / 558 toises / 50 perches located in Moka Smart City, more...

Land (commercial) - 1382m² 1

Land (commercial) - 1382m²

Immo Express
Coromandel, Center
Price N/D

Plot of land of an extent of 1,382 m2 (or 364 toises) right along the main road of Coromandel...

Land (commercial) - 2010m² 4

Land (commercial) - 2010m²

Immo Express
Pavillon, North
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 43,572/month*

Terrain faisant un angle d’une superficie de 2,010 m2 (ou 529 toises / 47.6 perches) en bordure...

Land (commercial) - 5213m² 3

Land (commercial) - 5213m²

Feel Free Properties
Black River, West
Rs 28,000,000 as from Rs 162,667/month*

Office use or light commercial; Large well-positioned plot of land for sale. Do call us for a...

Land (commercial) - 8442m² 2

Land (commercial) - 8442m²

MH Properties
Roches Noires, North
Rs 80,000,000 as from Rs 464,762/month*

Good opportunity for this land Beachfront land of 2 acres / 8442 m2 in Roche Noires for any...

Land (commercial) - 3218m² Exclusivity 2

Land (commercial) - 3218m²

Greenland Property
Ebène, Center
Rs 38,800,000 as from Rs 225,410/month*

Interesting freehold flat Commercial plot of land of 3218 m2 or 847.11 toises located on 2...

Land (commercial) - 1547m² Exclusivity 2

Land (commercial) - 1547m²

Greenland Property
Albion, West
Rs 8,800,000 as from Rs 51,124/month*

Interesting Commercial or Residential Corner Plot of 1547.20 m2 or 407.28 toises set in a Chic...

Land (commercial) - 259m² 3

Land (commercial) - 259m²

Immo Express
Plaine Verte, North
Rs 5,750,000 as from Rs 33,405/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 259 m2 (or 68 toises / 6.15 perches) located in Plaine Verte. An...

Land (commercial) - 2654m² Exclusivity 1

Land (commercial) - 2654m²

Moka Smart City
Bagatelle, Center
Price N/D

Bagatelle is one of the island’s most attractive and popular retail destinations with a...

Land (commercial) - 3169m² 5

Land (commercial) - 3169m²

Immo Express
Coromandel, Center
Rs 33,000,000 as from Rs 191,715/month*

Prime commercial land of an extent of 3,168.62m2 / 834 toises / 75 perches situated along the...