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Land (commercial) - 748m² 5

Land (commercial) - 748m²

Future Bright Properties
Pailles, Center
Rs 5,400,000 as from Rs 31,372/month

Plot of 197 Toises for sale in a commercial/ Industrial zone of pailles! Looking for a plot for...

Land (commercial) - 1308m² 8

Land (commercial) - 1308m²

R&B Real Estate Investment Ltd
Grand Bay, North
Rs 14,000,000 as from Rs 81,334/month

Commercial Land for sale in the North, in Péreybère Chemin 20 Pieds , 31 perches, situated in a...

Land (commercial) - 4221m² 10

Land (commercial) - 4221m²

Mavis Properties
Gros Cailloux, West
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 43,572/month

Commercial land for sale of 1 arpents on the main road at Gros Cailloux

Land (commercial) - 9075m² 3

Land (commercial) - 9075m²

Mavis Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 64,500,000 as from Rs 374,715/month

Residential and commercial land of 2.15 arpents for sale on the main road very close to Super...

Land (commercial) - 2110m² 6

Land (commercial) - 2110m²

Mavis Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 19,500,000 as from Rs 113,286/month

Commercial land of 50 perches for sale on the main road of Sottise Grand Baie. The land is...

Land (commercial) - 9286m² 6

Land (commercial) - 9286m²

Mavis Properties
Hermitage, Center
Rs 19,800,000 as from Rs 115,029/month

Land of 2.20 arpents for sale on the main road of Hermitage nice for a commercial...

Land (commercial) - 26931m² 4

Land (commercial) - 26931m²

Mavis Properties
Riche Terre, North
Rs 70,000,000 as from Rs 406,667/month

Commercial and Industrial land for sale in Riche Terre on the main road of 6.31 arpents very...

Land (commercial) - 21105m² 4

Land (commercial) - 21105m²

Mavis Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 135,000,000 as from Rs 784,286/month

Commercial and residential land for sale in Chemin 20 pieds Grand Baie on the main road of 5...

Land (commercial) - 14646m² 1

Land (commercial) - 14646m²

Landlux Properties
La Marie, Center
Rs 10,000,000 as from Rs 58,096/month

For sale a huge plot of commercial land of 14,646.42 m2 in La Marie. For more details, do...

Land (commercial) - 46429m² 10

Land (commercial) - 46429m²

Landlux Properties
Riche en Eau, South
Rs 44,000,000 as from Rs 255,620/month

For sale a plot of commercial/agricultural land of 11 arpents (46,429 m2) at Riche En Eau. For...

Land (commercial) - 793m² 1

Land (commercial) - 793m²

Landlux Properties
Trianon, Center
Rs 7,315,000 as from Rs 42,497/month

For sale commercial plots of land of 209 toises to 213 toises ranging from Rs 7,315,000 to Rs...

Land (commercial) - 27900m² 7

Land (commercial) - 27900m²

Mavis Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 95,000,000 as from Rs 551,905/month

Commercial and Residential land for saleof 6.60 arpents in La Salette the main road just in...

Land (commercial) - 158280m² 1

Land (commercial) - 158280m²

Landlux Properties
La Nicolière, North
Rs 45,000,000 as from Rs 261,429/month

For sale commercial plot of land of 37.5 acres at 1.2M an acre, ideally located at La Nicolière....

Land (commercial) - 1743m² 1

Land (commercial) - 1743m²

Landlux Properties
St Pierre, Center
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 87,143/month

Well located residential/commercial plot of land of 1743 m2 in St-Pierre. Call us on...

Land (commercial) - 2122m² 5

Land (commercial) - 2122m²

Immo Express
Helvetia, Center
Rs 15,500,000 as from Rs 90,048/month

Prime commercial plot of 2,122m2 / 558 toises / 50 perches located in Moka Smart City, more...