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Land (commercial) - 2743m² 1

Land (commercial) - 2743m²

New Sunrise Properties
Surinam, South
Rs 50,000,000 as from Rs 294,299/month

Good opportunity to acquire a commercial land of 2743 m2 in the center of Surinam. For more...

Land (residential) - 4042m² 4

Land (residential) - 4042m²

Immo Express
Roches Noires, East
Price N/D

Leasehold beachfront plot of 4,042 square metres / 1,064 toises / 96 perches in Roches...

Land (residential) - 976m² 5

Land (residential) - 976m²

Immo Express
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 14,000,000 as from Rs 77,743/month

Beachfront freehold plot of 257 toises (976 square metres) for sale in Baie du Tombeau. Located...

Land (agricultural) - 7386m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 7386m²

Immo Express
Calebasses, North
Price N/D

Orchard consisting of 100 litchi trees and 50 longan trees over an extent of 1.75 arpents and...

Land (agricultural) - 46302m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 46302m²

Mavis Properties
St Pierre, Center
Rs 50,000,000 as from Rs 277,653/month

Land for sale of 11 arpents in Petit Verger Moka with panoramic mountain view.

Land (residential) - 760m² 10

Land (residential) - 760m²

Mavis Properties
Riambel, South
Rs 8,000,000 as from Rs 44,425/month

Villa for sale of 4 bedrooms in Riambel situated within a few minutes walk from the...

Land (residential) - 4800m² 9

Land (residential) - 4800m²

Mavis Properties
Black River, West
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 88,849/month

Residential land for sale at Black River Gorges 1.14 arpents nice for a PDS...

Land (residential) - 923m² 2

Land (residential) - 923m²

Mavis Properties
Hermitage, Center
Rs 4,900,000 as from Rs 27,210/month

Land for sale in Plaines D'Hermitage of 22 perches in a highly residential...

Land (residential) - 1761m² 2

Land (residential) - 1761m²

Mavis Properties
Hermitage, Center
Rs 9,200,000 as from Rs 51,089/month

Residential land for sale in Morcellement Plaines D'Hermitage 42 perches in a very quiet and...

Land (commercial) - 23852m² 5

Land (commercial) - 23852m²

Immo Express
Ebène, Center
Price N/D

Freehold commercial plot of 5.65 arpents for sale in Ebene. Located in the vicinity of Engen...

Land (commercial) - 3850m² 1

Land (commercial) - 3850m²

Immo Express
Riche Terre, North
Price N/D

Industrial portion of 91 perches for sale in Riche Terre. Located in the vicinity of...

Land (residential) - 253m² 5

Land (residential) - 253m²

R&B Real Estate Investment Ltd
Péreybère, North
Rs 1,800,000 as from Rs 9,996/month

Land for sale in the north, in Chemin 20 pieds Péreybère, in a peaceful area, with all its...

Land (commercial) - 26931m² 4

Land (commercial) - 26931m²

Mavis Properties
Riche Terre, North
Rs 70,000,000 as from Rs 412,019/month

Commercial and Industrial land for sale in Riche Terre on the main road of 6.31 arpents very...

Land (residential) - 8442m² 8

Land (residential) - 8442m²

Mavis Properties
Sorèze, North
Rs 9,900,000 as from Rs 54,976/month

Land for sale in Soreze consisting of 2 arpents very close to the motorway with sea and...

Land (commercial) - 8887m² 12

Land (commercial) - 8887m²

Immo Express
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 32,500,000 as from Rs 191,295/month

Industrial plot of 2.10 arpents in the vicinity of Port Louis. Building of 1,200 square feet...