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As being in the property business and construction business for more than 10 years, we have created Mavis Properties with the help of severalal professionals in the property business such as professional estate agents, project managers, property consultants and promoters. This company is a living proof in the property business with proven success for years.
Here in Mavis Properties we believe in the power of networking and communication for fast and satisfactory result. As such we collaborate with more than 100 regional and international estate agencies to meet the needs and demand of our clients as well as professional bodies such as consultants, project managers, promoters, architects, engineers and other professionals in the property business. we are also well versed and have good communication skills with the authorities in Mauritius to meet the criteria needed by our clients to make their project a real success and accordingly to rules and regulations of Mauritius. + more

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Building - 1425m² 12

Building - 1425m²

Mavis Properties
Phoenix, Center
Rs 60,000,000 as from Rs 329,467/month

Industrial and commercial building for sale in Phoenix very well situated with high visibility...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 130m² 11

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 130m²

Mavis Properties
Poste Lafayette, East
Rs 12,000,000 as from Rs 65,894/month

Luxurious beachfront apartment of 2&3 bedrooms for sale in Poste La Fayette along the...

  • Beachfront
  • Swimming Pool
House - 5 Bedrooms - 279m² 9

House - 5 Bedrooms - 279m²

Mavis Properties
Balaclava, North
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 41,184/month

Brand new Villas for sale in Balaclava. It is composed of 5 bedrooms (1 ensuite)fully air...

Building - 501m² 5

Building - 501m²

Mavis Properties
Triolet, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 87,858/month

Commercial Building for sale which can be use for office purposes. It is a full time investment...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 278m² 12

House - 4 Bedrooms - 278m²

Mavis Properties
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 82,367/month

Very rare beautiful contemporary house of 278 m2 in Sodnac with big garden. The house consists...

Townhouse / Duplex - 3 Bedrooms - 197m² 10

Townhouse / Duplex - 3 Bedrooms - 197m²

Mavis Properties
Bain Boeuf, North
Rs 25,000,000 as from Rs 114,749/month

Beachfront Duplex for sale in Bain Boeuf. The property consists of 3 en suite bedrooms with...

  • Beachfront
  • Swimming Pool
  • PDS
House - 6 Bedrooms - 400m² 12

House - 6 Bedrooms - 400m²

Mavis Properties
Belle Rose (Centre), Center
Rs 24,000,000 as from Rs 131,787/month

Modern big house of one storey for sale in Belle Rose consists of a living/dining room a big...

Penthouse - 4 Bedrooms - 400m² 12

Penthouse - 4 Bedrooms - 400m²

Mavis Properties
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 87,858/month

High standard Penthouse of split storey at Quatre Bornes. It comprises of 3 air conditioned...

House - 9 Bedrooms - 420m² 12

House - 9 Bedrooms - 420m²

Mavis Properties
Moka, Center
Rs 17,500,000 as from Rs 96,095/month

Modern house for sale in Bois Cheri Moka ideal for a nice living or office project. The house...

Land (residential) - 4222m² 8

Land (residential) - 4222m²

Mavis Properties
Black River, West
Rs 45,000,000 as from Rs 247,100/month

Land of 1 acre for sale in Black river. The land consist of an old house and has great...

House - 5 Bedrooms - 250m² 12

House - 5 Bedrooms - 250m²

Mavis Properties
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 82,367/month

Property for Sale Quatres Bornes, House of 250m² comprising 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms big living,...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 280m² 4

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 280m²

Mavis Properties
Tamarin, West
Rs 12,990,000 as from Rs 71,330/month

Fully furnished apartments for sale in Tamarin accessible to both Mauritian and foreigners...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 134m² 11

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 134m²

Mavis Properties
Haute Rive, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 73,440/month

Beachfront apartment for sale in Roches Noires in Azuri project with panoramic seaview and...

  • Beachfront
  • Swimming Pool
  • IRS
House - 6 Bedrooms - 280m² 12

House - 6 Bedrooms - 280m²

Mavis Properties
Terre Rouge, North
Rs 4,200,000 as from Rs 23,063/month

Big house for sale with mountain view and peaceful living - Khoyratty very close to Terre rouge...

House - 5 Bedrooms - 300m² 11

House - 5 Bedrooms - 300m²

Mavis Properties
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 35,693/month

Excellent opportunity!!! Big house of 5 bedroom for sale in Avenue Berthaud very well...