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Landlux Ltd was established in 2004, specialised in commercial spaces investment and management. We are expanding and are now offering a full range of services for investors, developers, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.
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Land (residential) - 8441m² 1

Land (residential) - 8441m²

Landlux Properties
Grand Gaube, North
Rs 20,000,000 as from Rs 109,823/month

This residential plot of land of 2 acres with sea views is for sale in Grand-Gaube. It is close...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 138m² 11

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 138m²

Landlux Properties
Flic en Flac, West
Rs 13,500,000 as from Rs 74,130/month

Magnificent apartment of approximately 138m2 for sale in Flic-en-Flac. This apartment has one...

Land (residential) - 790m² 1

Land (residential) - 790m²

Landlux Properties
Trou aux Biches, North
Rs 5,900,000 as from Rs 32,398/month

Residential land of 208 toises available for sale in Trou-aux-Biches. It is situated close to...

House - 5 Bedrooms - 260m² 12

House - 5 Bedrooms - 260m²

Landlux Properties
Vacoas, Center
Rs 8,900,000 as from Rs 48,871/month

This charming house of approx. 260m2 is located in quiet area of Vacoas. It has fitted security...

Land (residential) - 2885m² 1

Land (residential) - 2885m²

Landlux Properties
d'Epinay, North
Rs 5,900,000 as from Rs 32,398/month

For sale a big plot of land of 2885 m2 at Les Mariannes, D'Epinay. This land offers an endless...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 139m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 139m²

Landlux Properties
Flic en Flac, West
Rs 55,000

For rent in a well located residential complex at Flic en Flac, a beautiful villa of...

House - 7 Bedrooms - 355m² 12

House - 7 Bedrooms - 355m²

Landlux Properties
Beau Bassin, Center
Rs 5,000,000 as from Rs 27,456/month

For sale house of approximately 355 m2, located in Beau Bassin. On the ground floor, this...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 135m² 6

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 135m²

Landlux Properties
Beau Bassin, Center
Rs 5,500,000 as from Rs 30,202/month

For sale new appartment of approximately 135 m2 located in Beau Bassin. This apartment offers 3...

House - 5 Bedrooms - 110m² 12

House - 5 Bedrooms - 110m²

Landlux Properties
Flic en Flac, West
Rs 7,000,000 as from Rs 38,438/month

For sale a lovely house of 110 m2 which is well located near Flic en Flac public beach. This...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 300m² 12

House - 4 Bedrooms - 300m²

Landlux Properties
Albion, West
Rs 9,000,000 as from Rs 49,420/month

For sale a lovely house of 300 m2 located in Albion near the beach. On the groundfloor this...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 325m² 7

House - 4 Bedrooms - 325m²

Landlux Properties
Pailles, Center
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 35,693/month

Semi-furnished house with mountain view of approx.325m2 on a land extent of 379m2 is for sale...

Apartment - 2 Bedrooms - 88m² 12

Apartment - 2 Bedrooms - 88m²

Landlux Properties
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 35,693/month

For sale a lovely apartment of approximately 88 m2, ideally located in Port chambly. This...

Land (residential) - 1038m² 1

Land (residential) - 1038m²

Landlux Properties
Pointe aux Sables, West
Rs 4,900,000 as from Rs 26,907/month

Residential land of 275 toises for sale in Pointe-aux-Sables. Can be purchased in 2 plots. The...

House - 6 Bedrooms - 272m² 12

House - 6 Bedrooms - 272m²

Landlux Properties
Montagne Ory, Center
Rs 3,100,000 as from Rs 17,023/month

For sale a house of approximately 272 m2 located at Montagne Ory. On the groundfloor there is a...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 380m² 11

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 380m²

Landlux Properties
Floréal, Center
Rs 110,000

On the 4th floor of a building, a charming and fully furnished apartment with stunning view of...